Want To look Well Rested? Clarins Might Have The Answer

Welcome to the Clarins Eye Lift, the superhero product every fresh-faced supermodel is (probably) carrying in their beauty kit RN!  


What’s It All About?

This skincare product has been specifically created to enhance your entire eye area, from temple to temple. The fine emulsion has a smoothing texture for easy application and to assist with longer makeup hold (handy, right?). Plus it’s even suitable for those of with sensitive eyes, or that wear contact lenses. 

Hit Me With The Benefits

Benefits include lifting, smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. It restores density to the skin around your eyes and even brightens your eyes and beautifies your natural lashes. Simply apply it both in the morning and the evening, by gently dabbing it onto your eye contour and eyelids. Then smooth gently between your eyebrows and on your temples. 

What About The Ingredients

This all-in-one, anti-aging eye cream has been formulated with 94% natural ingredients including Clarins’ ground-breaking innovation: Lift-Smoothing plant Duo. Which (ICYMI) is a powerful blend of Organic Harungana extract and Cassie Flower Wax, which visibly tightens your skin and smoothes wrinkles for an immediate lift effect. It further minimizes the appearance of dark circles and persistent puffiness (thanks to the Albizia extract and escin from Horse Chestnut) and leaves your eye area looking replenished, rested, brighter and refreshed! Plus its formula contains no parabens, sulfates, Phthalates, volatile silicones, or mineral oils. So you can rest easy…

Here’s how to apply your Clarins Total Eyelift for the best results


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