4 Fragrances That’ll Help You Travel The Globe

Destination: Paris

Extremely sensual. Extremely feminine. Extremely thrilling. It’s a love-at-first-spray, can’t-do-

without, dare-to-be-different fragrance. A superpower in a glittering, glam-rock bottle. Want

us to continue? Okay, it’s an invitation to dance all night. Let your pent-up energy explode. And it’s so incredibly long-lasting it will stay with you until dawn… Or at least until curfew.

Destination: Mauritius

Libre, the French word for ‘free’, pays tribute to YSL’s most defining value: freedom. Freedom to be yourself. Freedom of choice. No compromise. Your own rules. The new Libre Eau de Parfum Intense is for the untamed ones, the ones who dare to turn up the heat and embrace freedom. It is a full-bodied, grand floral fragrance boasting a burning-hot character with a deep sensuality…


Destination: Japan

This is our fave of the Les Eaux collection. Designers of the house were inspired by the beautiful gardens of Asia, so expect a considered composition of elegance, freshness and longl-asting sensuality, accentuated with delicate floral notes of peony and rose.

Destination: Tuscany

Alien Goddess eau de parfum is a divine solar floral bouquet – a true manifesto of optimism, shared by the solar goddess with all women. Um, yes, count us in. This fragrance is also refillable – tapping into one of the biggest trends in fragrances right now – sustainability.


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August 22, 2021

I love reading your blogs and watching your video. I am really impressed by the way you are doing business and I am just inspired by it!

August 22, 2021

Great tips! I’ve just discovered your Youtube channel, and I love it! Thanks for sharing your content and the day and life of a designer.

August 22, 2021

Thanks so much for the tips both in the blog and on your YouTube channel. As a new Interior Design student, I find them to be incredibly helpful, interesting, and inspirational. Keep up the great work!

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