PSA: These Are The Best Facial Sunscreens To Wear This Winter

While it may seem like sunscreen isn’t necessary for the cold, winter months, you should actually apply it every day of the year. There are obvious reasons to wear facial sunscreens daily: “Sunscreen should be your hero product, whatever the weather,” says Dr Dilshaad Asmal, dermatologist at Rondebosch Aesthetics. “UVA rays are present all year, so skin damage can occur even in the colder months,” she adds.

Sun-care formulas are now more innovative than ever and provide a host of useful benefits for your skin, besides just protecting it from the sun. For instance, certain sunscreens soothe and calm sensitive skin. Other sunscreens have vitamin C in their formulation to address anti-ageing. To simplify your grooming routine, you might also like a moisturiser with SPF. Read on for our recommendations when it comes to winter sun care.

Our list of the best facial sunscreens:

The Best Facial Sunscreens for Men

Best for oily skin

Oily skin types, rejoice. Not only does Eucerin Oil Control Sun Gel-Cream Dry Touch SPF 50+ protect your skin from sun damage, it also works to soak up excess oil, leaving behind a smooth matte finish.

The Best Facial Sunscreens for Men

Best for every day

Nivea’s affordable moisturiser with SPF 15 has a nourishing recipe that includes aloe vera and Pro-vitamin B5. It’s lightweight enough to wear daily and it’s also a great post-gym soother, designed for any skin type.  


The Best Facial Sunscreens for Men

Best for uneven skin tone

It’s hard to look past Kiehl’s when it comes to good-value grooming products for men. As much as you can’t go wrong with the clean-minded brand’s aesthetic, this SPF 50 sunscreen really fits the bill as a year-round essential.

Best for anti-ageing

Origins oil-free SPF 40 moisturiser contains antioxidant-rich white tea, edelweiss and white birch to keep your skin healthy. Your face is shielded by a protective barrier that guards it against pollution and other environmental aggressors. The best part? It also reduces ageing signs.

Best for outdoors

Clarins Men UV Plus SPF 50 Day sunscreen is suitable for the city, as well as outdoor sports. This portable product protects against UV damage and the stresses of urban living. Major perk: it doesn’t leave white streaks on the skin.

Best for dark spots

This moisturiser is specifically designed to reduce dark spots. Why? Because it will give your face  a super boost of vitamin C, while protecting your skin from the sun. Skin is even, protected and shine-free.

Best for hydration

This light cream, which is revitalising and refreshing, hydrates the skin and has active components that work to shield it from the negative effects of urban pollution. A SPF 20 filter in it also shields skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Tell us in the comments, do you wear sunscreen every day?


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