What You Need to Know About the Vegan Beauty Movement

vegan beauty, woman washing face

Over the last couple of decades, veganism has gone from an alternative lifestyle to one that’s becoming increasingly mainstream. And for true believers, this doesn’t just apply to what they eat. Vegan beauty sales are up, even among those who still eat animal products. Research from 2019 indicated that 62% of customers were interested in exploring and purchasing vegan make-up and skincare. Yes, that many!

But why is this movement gaining so much momentum?

The Shift to Ethical Consumerism

Veganism – which is not just the elimination of meat from your life but all animal byproducts – is something more and more people are converting to.


This isn’t just for health reasons but a way to reduce their impact on the planet’s resources and its creatures. It’s this shift towards ethical consumerism that has made way for the vegan beauty industry to grow and thrive. Many brands are noticing this trend and creating plant-based collections to cater to this ever-growing market. So even if you don’t think you can turn down a chop at your next braai, it is possible to make more ethical choices about what you put onto your skin. 

Vegan Beauty: What Are the Benefits?

Other than animals not being harmed, are there any benefits to making the switch to vegan beauty products? I’m glad you asked! The biggest one touted by devotees is that they are better for your health. This is because they are often formulated using natural, plant-based ingredients and, as such, tend to contain fewer harsh chemicals. Their ingredient lists are also often shorter and easier to understand, allowing you to make informed choices. 

Many vegan brands also adhere to other ethical practices, focusing on issues such as sustainability and fair-trade supply chains. These are initiatives we should all get behind to help our ailing planet. 

Want to make the change to a vegan beauty routine? Here are some picks to add to your skincare collection.


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