Graphic Eyeliner Looks That Are Super Easy to Perfect (No Matter Your Skill Level)

Looking to switch up your everyday cat-eye wing? Consider this your daily dose of inspo to branch out into the graphic eyeliner field. Minimalistic and forever trendy, these stylised floating flicks and wings will add an edgy flair to your daytime beauty look. And the best part? They’re super easy to perfect with the tool in hand. Our current make-up weapon of choice is Benefit’s They’re Real! Xtreme Precision Liner, the new and much-buzzed-about addition to Benefit’s iconic product lineup. Waterproof, smudge-proof, and insanely versatile, its pin-sized tip will allow you to sculpt out all kinds of whimsical wings with pro-level speed and ease. Here are four foolproof looks worth trialling with this gem.

Floating Crease Liner

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This runway-to-street-style liner style is currently every “it” girl’s go-to eye accessory. Low-maintanence and ridiculously stylish, this is best paired with feathery brows, a neutral lip, and fluffy lashes.

Get the look:

  1. Begin by applying a neutral matte eyeshadow over your entire lid — we suggest a beige or brown nude that’s close to your skin tone.
  2. Above your crease, draw a straight line adjacent to the inner corner of your eye and extend it to the outer. For graphic liner rookies with shaky hands (we’ve all been there!), use clear sticky tape as a guide for controlled lines and a razor-sharp finish.
  3. Complete your look with ample mascara and add an extra coat to your outer lashes for a sexy feline effect. We 10/10 recommend Benefit’s BADgal BANG! Waterproof Volumizing Mascara.

Reverse Liner

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Consider this Gen-Z’s fresh take on the 90s grunge bottom-liner trend. Recently seen on the likes of Megan Fox, Zendaya, and Shay Mitchell, this two-step eye look will give you MAJOR model-off-duty vibes.

  1. Position your pencil at the inner corner of your lower lash line and draw a small wing towards the bridge of your nose.
  2. Extend this line back towards the inner corner and then trace the lower lash line up until the outer corner of the eyes.
  3. Next, from the outer corner of your lower lash line, create a super-sharp wing that stretches just below the tip of your brow or beyond it for added drama.
  4. Finish off by filling in any gaps and thickening the lines to your liking. And as the last step, we also like to clean up any smudged edges with a cotton bud and micellar water for pristine and crisp wings.

Negative Space Liner


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We can’t get enough of this trend — a whimsical upgrade on the cut-crease technique that adds an element of boujeeness to any bare or bold eyeshadow look.

Get the look:

  1. Start by sculpting a simple cat-eye wing and don’t forget to line along the upper lash line as well.
  2. Next, create your negative space line by picking the line back up from the outer corner of your cat-eye and extending the line above the crease, ending it at the inner corner of the lid. You can leave the space between both lines bare or add shimmery or bold-coloured accents like Doja Cat.

Double Winged Liner

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Take your cat-eye from day to night by doubling up on your liner. We’re obsessed with local model and DJ Ponahalo Mojapelo’s rendition of the trend – here’s how you can replicate it…

Get the look:

  1. Exactly like the reverse liner technique, finely trace the lower lash line and create a second wing adjacent to your cat-eye.
  2. In the inner eye, switch up your winged inner corner eyeliner and rather create a curved, downward shape for a playful touch.

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